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PADI Freediver

Welcome to Bigbubble Diving School, the premier diving school in Koh Tao, Thailand.

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PADI Freediver​

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ABOUT PADI Freediver​

People who are able to swim are eligible to take the Level 1 FreeDive course. This course's lecture is identical to that of the Basic FreeDive course; the only differences are that this course lasts for three days, you will get the opportunity to learn how to duck dive and how to rescue free divers, and you will be required to descend to a depth of ten meters. After you have completed everything, you will be eligible to get a FreeDiver Level 1 certificate, at which point you will be able to freedive in any location on the planet.

But for people who can’t go down to 10 meters, you can come back and try again within one year or you can certify as a Basic FreeDiver.

Schedule for Level 1 FreeDive

First day

At 2 PM you will have class and a lecture about your body, how to hold your breath, how to equalize, and FreeDiving equipment.

Second day

at 9 AM you will be going to the pool to practice holding your breath, how to kick, and how to equalize your ear.

At 12 PM you will be going to the ocean to try duck dive in a deeper place learn and how to free immersion with rope.

For the second dive, we will go and have fun freediving

Third day

at 9 AM at the pool, you will get to practice holding your breath and rescue in shallow water.

At 12 PM you will try to get used to the deeper water and check your position when you duck dive.

For the second dive, if you can go down to 10 meters, you will get to rescue at 5 meters.