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Basic Freediver

Best Basic Freediver Course from Bigbubble Diving School, the premier diving school in Koh Tao, Thailand.

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Basic Freediving

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ABOUT Basic Freediving

This course teaches the fundamentals of freediving, and we only descend as far as 10 meters. This two-day training is taught entirely in the classroom and pool; on the last day, we will visit the ocean. In general, most shops will complete the basic course in a pool, but we will take you to the ocean to familiarize you with it. This freediving training focuses on familiarizing students with the ocean, teaching them how to hold their breath longer underwater, how to kick with their fins, and how to have fun while freediving. When you receive the basic freediving certifications you can go freedive everywhere around the world.

Schedule for Basic Freedive 2 day

First day

  • Learn about pressure and air 
  • How to hold your breath 
  • How to equalize your ears
  • Learn about the equipment 

Second day

  • Around 9 am we will be going to the pool there we will try to get familiar with holding your breath, using the equipment, duck dive, and fluster kick.
  • Around 12:30 pm we will be heading to the ocean for 2 dives These 2 dives will be for fun and for pictures.